Reach out to Gregg to discuss how he can help you or your project.

In addition to directing, writing, and producing, Gregg provides a variety of consulting services, such as:

  • Story consulting/script doctoring for short films, features, web series, docs, and branded content/commercials.
    • This also includes highly detailed feedback & collaboration on works-in-progress/cuts that you’d like to take to the next level.
  • Film festival consulting, do-it-yourself distribution, and how to make an Oscar qualifying short film.
    • Gregg provides an extremely informed point of view. In addition to his extensive festival experience, as Chairman of the Student Academy Awards and as an Executive Committee member in the Academy’s Short Film Branch, Gregg watches (theatrically) & votes on nearly 300 short films per year and nearly 100 features per year .
  • Production consulting for domestic and international projects.
    • Gregg has a wealth of information to share; his production experience includes shooting India, China, Kenya, Egypt, and the UK to name just a few locations.
    • Gregg has also coached new/younger directors from pre-production through post.

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